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Plum Pear Crostata

Plum Pear Crostata |

This Plum Pear Crostata (<–fancy word for free-form pie) was inspired by my recent CSA share, an Instagram post, a foodie friend and pastry chef neighbor.

It’s a seasonal fall fruit dessert that also that looks lovely while basically being the lazy easy way to make a pie. (Which, by the way, is also a great recipe to get the kids in the kitchen.)

Easiest way to make pie - make a crostata! This free form pear and plum tart is a no fuss fall dessert @tspbasil

For the recipe, come over to Healthy Aperture’s Sweet Splurges to see how simple it is to make a Plum Pear Crostata (with fresh thyme and honey!) this fall.