14 Cheese Fondue and Chocolate Fondue Recipes for Valentines Day

Savory and sweet recipes for making memories on Valentines Day – or any day. Slow down to better enjoy your food and your company.


{Disclosure} As a member of the Cabot Cheese Board, I occasionally receive cheese samples. However, I was not asked or compensated to write this post. And since I was about age 7, I’ve been a fondue fan.

Whether wooing your Valentine or making memories with your kids, fondue is always memorable.

We received our fondue set for a wedding present – and it got some good use before kids – usually as a cheesy part of a party buffet with friends and plenty of wine. My friend Kate does fondue every year for New Years Day with her family. And now in my house, our Valentine’s Day traditions include fondue (and getting snowed in by a big blizzard – but that’s another story!)

No fondue pot? No problem. A slow cooker/Crock Pot works well.

Slow Cooker Chocolate Fondue – Deanna made this easy fondue with her daughter and got yummy results (and adorable photos of her daughter dipping!)

Slow Cooker Chocolate Fondue @tspbasil

Chocolate Fondue (Without a Fondue Pot) via @Cooking Channel – This recipe works well without a slow cooker OR fondue set; the chocolate clings to treats but is thin enough to stay liquid without heat.

White Chocolate Champagne Fondue via Blair @The Seasoned Mom – Four ingredients plus lots of strawberries to dip. Beautiful white fondue on red berries + champagne, too.

Boozy Chocolate Fondue for 2 via Julie @RDelcious Kitchen – Julie kicks up this little indulgence with hazelnut-flavored Frangelico. Hello Nutella…for adults!

14 Fondue Recipes + Easy No Fondue Pot Chocolate Fondue | @tspcurry

Boozy Chocolate Fondue – RDelicious Kitchen

Frozen Fondue via Katie @Mom to Mom Nutrition – OK, so Katie’s post is really titled Kid-friendly Dipped Fruit. But I figure it’s a way to enjoy fondue every day! And I have been reaching into the freezer for 1 or 2 of her Nutella-dipped frozen bananas daily.

And now for the ooey-gooey magic of cheese fondue. This is the variety we make most at my house. The kids (and adults who come for parties) love being able to choose what they dip. My kids end up eating lots of veggies this way. Now, if there were just one dipper, I suggest you don’t fondue without: It’s fennel! The sweet-licorice flavor complements any cheesy fondue; blanch first for 1 1/2 minutes.

Cheddar and Beer Fondue – My hands-down favorite. Made with reduced-fat Cheddar (which can sometimes be tricky to melt.) But this trick will help your cheese stay smooth and melty.

Beer Cheese Fondue | @tspcurry

Goat Cheese and Rosemary Fondue via Heather @Heather Christo – Just four simple ingredients. Totally unique – but would go with all the classic fondue dippers: Bread, veggies and fruit.

Pumpkin Fondue via Kelly guest blogging on @Eating Rules – Vitamin A-rich pumpkin puree replaces some of the creamy cheese + the flavors of crisp apple cider and warm spices. When we tried (pic of the kids below) we used less of the spices – but we loved the “cheesy pumpkin!”

Three Cheese with Cava Fondue via Jenny @My Cape Code Kitchen – One of the best part of this recipe is the killer combos of dippers Jenny pairs with this easy recipe.

Cheese Fondue Recipes + Chocolate Fondue Recipes | @tspcurry

Fondue with Cava – Jennyshearawn.com

Reduced Fat Cheddar Fondue via @Cabot Creamery – The reduced-fat Cheddar experts have a recipe that amplifies the earthy, warm flavors of Cheddar with bay leaf, garlic and a pinch of nutmeg. They also have a great idea for keeping cheese fondue warm without a fondue pot.

Spinach and Artichoke Fondue via Emma @A Beautiful Mess – Love, love all these veggies. Veggies dipped in creamy cheesy veggie fondue.For your sweet (or savory!) Valentine: 14 Chocolate Fondue and Cheese Fondue Recipes via @tspcurry Click To Tweet

Classic Cheese Fondue via Erin at Well Plated  – Erin includes 6 very helpful ‘Fondue Rules.’ Plus, there’s the discussion on important points of fondue like: “A guest drops a dipper into the pot—is it the person to the right or to the left she’s supposed to kiss when the breads slips from the fork? Discuss.”

Cheese fondue + Chocolate fondue recipes for Valentines Day

Classic Fondue – WellPlated.com

Cheddar Cheese Fondue with Dijon via Lynsey @Lynsey Loves Food – One of the greatest things about fondue is it allows us to slow down and enjoy good food with good company – as Lynsey points out.

And THAT is why this ‘healthy food’ blog is featuring fondue. This Valentine’s Day, slow down and enjoy your food, your fondue and your friends!

And BONUS #15: Spiced Carrot Cake Fondue via Jessie @Happiness in Health – Not cheesy. Not chocolatey. Just yummy. And would be good for breakfast. Because we all have to eat breakfast on February 15…and why not carry the fondue theme to the next morning?

14 Fondue recipes for Valentines Day | @tspcurry

Do you fondue? If you do fondue, is it for kids or your Valentine or both?

Kids Fondue Recipe | @tspcurry



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