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9 Fun Bubbly Drinks For New Year’s Eve

9 Fun Bubbly Drinks For New Year’s Eve

Like fruity drinks or do you prefer an extra kick to your glass of champagne? Whatever your bubbly preference is, there’s a cocktail recipe here to help you ring in the new year!

Whatever sparkling drink you like best, there's a cocktail or mocktail recipe for you on New Year's Eve!

Champagne. Proscecco. Sparking Wine. Cava.

Whatever your bubbly drink of choice is for New Year’s Eve, I’ve gathered 9 sparkling wine recipes from some of my favorite bloggers.

Pick one of the cocktails below based on your mood or favorite flavors and swap in your favorite bubbly beverage (even if it’s seltzer or sparkling fruit juice!)

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9 Prosecco and Champagne drinks for new year's even including this Grapefruit Prosecco.

If you like a little tart with your bubbly:  Grapefruit Prosecco

If you like holiday fruit flavors:  Cranberry Pomegranate Champagne Cocktail – Katie @Mom To Mom Nutrition

If you like White Russians or cream liqueur drinks:  Raspberry Pomegranate Icelandic Martini – Karman @The Nutrition Adventure

9 Prosecco and Champagne drinks for new year's even including Champagne Jello Shots

If you want to revisit your Jello shot days:  Champagne Jello – Serena

If you like a classic mimosa:  Mandarin Champagne Cocktail – Kara @The Foodie Dietitian

If you want to switch up the classic mimosa:  Sparkling Fruit Mimosas – Elizabeth @Simple Swaps

9 Prosecco and Champagne drinks for new year's even including this Sparkling Cape Codder

If you’re a New Englander at heart:  Sparkling Cape Codder – Jenny @My Cape Cod Kitchen

If you like some gin with your champagne:  Orange French 75 – Jessica @Nutritioulicious

If you like a floral touch to your cocktail:  The Sparkling Rose – Ann @My Menu Pal

And if you need any tips on how to buy, open and/or store your bottle of bubbly, Cooking Light’s All About Champagne post has you covered.

For the record, we’ll be drinking straight up Prosecco (which in all honesty, we usually have a fresh bottle chilling all year round in our fridge.)

Which sparkler will you be toasting with at midnight? And extra credit: which TV show host had the tagline of “Champagne dreams and caviar wishes”? <—I’m dating myself here….

Jessica @ Nutritioulicious

Wednesday 30th of December 2015

Yum, yum, yum! This girl loves her cocktails and can never have enough choices. Thanks for including my Orange French 75! Hope you ladies have a wonderful New Year's and can't wait to see you in 2016!

Sonali- The Foodie Physician

Wednesday 30th of December 2015

I probably won't be indulging much this year since I'm working at 6:30am the next morning but I'm definitely a Prosecco girl. I usually stick with bellinis but your Grapefruit prosecco sounds delish! And I guess I'm dating myself too because I definitely recognize that famous Robin Leach line! Happy New Year!

Deanna Segrave-Daly

Wednesday 30th of December 2015

Oof on the early work time slot but grateful for health professionals like yourself who work on holidays - you are getting a toast tomorrow too (and glad at least someone else recognized the Robin Leach line - ha!)

Elizabeth Shaw

Wednesday 30th of December 2015

What a great round up! I have to agree with you, pure Prosecco is my usual go to as well! I have a bottle chilling right now (it may not actually make it to tomorrow, we'll see on that one!).

I have to say that those Jello Shots would've been high on my to try list five years ago. I think if I did that this year I may not function for the first week of the year lol!

Have a wonderful New Year ladies!

Deanna Segrave-Daly

Wednesday 30th of December 2015

LOL re; jello shots - I can say it's been decades since I've had them! Raising a glass tomorrow night to all you who shared a bubbly recipe with me :)

EA-The Spicy RD

Wednesday 30th of December 2015

Love all the bubbles, and I'll be sure to share with my mom and mother-in-law who both love their bubbles too :-) I will probably be going very light on the bubbles, and other libations this New Years Eve, because we are rising super early on New Year's Day to go to the Rose Parade. I hope you and your family have a most wonderful celebration! xoxo

Deanna Segrave-Daly

Wednesday 30th of December 2015

How fun! Going to Rose Bowl parade and game someday is on my bucket list. Was going to wait until Penn State got back there but don't think that's happening in my lifetime - lol. Happy New Year!!

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