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Strawberry Peach Tea Crème

Strawberry Peach Tea Crème

Hello! You might be wondering who this new author is writing here today. My name is Yuhan, an upcoming senior at Penn State University studying Nutritional Science.

strawberry picking

Since I moved out of campus two years ago, I’ve spent most of my free time in the kitchen, grocery store, and at the gym. Fitness and cooking are two of my favorite hobbies.

I have been wanting to launch a blog about nutrition, wellness, and fitness to promote a sustainable healthy lifestyle for so long. Luckily, I met Deanna through Penn State’s mentorship program. This summer, I am interning with Teaspoon of Spice and I just launched my own blog last week: Nourish Cuisine (You can also follow me on Instagram at Nourish_Cuisine)

Now, get ready for the recipe I am about to share with you. Every time I go back home to China, I crave this peach and strawberry cheese tea. It’s so popular that the wait time in line to get one can be 30 minutes to two hours. You didn’t hear me wrong, that’s how popular they are.

Despite how refreshing it tastes, it’s full of added sugar and saturated fat. I have twisted the recipe using real fruit and quality dairy products, and I got a pretty similar result. Stone fruits are in season, so let’s blend it up and enjoy a cup of refreshment, shall we? 

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Notes for ingredients: 

  • I found jasmine tea works the best because of its unique aroma. However, it’s not sold at every grocery store. You can substitute it with any green tea. I like to brew my tea the night before and place it in the fridge overnight. 
  • I like to drink it not too cold. If you would like to add some ice, feel free to do so.  
  • Keeping the fruit skin on to get all the nutrient benefits. If you think your blender is not capable of blending it smooths enough, peel the skin off. You are still getting the nutrients from the fruits. 
  • Choose the peaches which are fully ripe and soft to touch