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Rhubarb Shake

Rhubarb Shake

Rhubarb Shake | Teaspoon of Spice

With just four ingredients – and requiring only 1/2 pound of rhubarb – this is the rhubarb recipe you must make. ~ 

In your summer adventures, if you happen upon an old broken-down, dilapidated homestead – with maybe only a few weather-worn boards where a shack stood 100 years ago – you will likely find a rhubarb plant leftover from a long forgotten garden. That’s what my dad says. Rhubarb plants are that hearty.

Now I realize not everyone will be stumbling around homestead country – but tomorrow’s Memorial Day holiday does usher in summer vacations: The season of family reunions and visits from distant relatives and picnics with elderly relations who have wonderful stories of long ago. And it’s just possible some of those family reunions may be hosted on great-grandmother’s farmstead, or a great uncle’s old fishing cabin; rhubarb grows across the country from New York to Oregon. Do a bit of scouting.

Despite the fact that rhubarb is the March to April darling of food bloggers, my plants produce all summer long! And yes, they can be dug up from an old farmstead, transported through airport security, and transplanted beautifully into the little strip of soil on the side of your Chicago bungalow. I should know – see photo below. (And now the people who bought our Chicago home are STILL enjoying that farmstead rhubarb.)

Rhubarb Plant

So in honor of summer adventures to family reunions and rhubarb plants that are so hearty not even I can kill them, I present this delicious summer rhubarb recipe – straight from the pages of the New York Times: Rhubarb Shake

When I saw it I just HAD to try out the rhubarb and rose flavors – whizzed with thick Greek Yogurt and honey. It was so good, I absolutely had to share….in hopes that you are lucky enough to stumble upon more rhubarb very soon – be it in a field or a farmers’ market.

Note: Rose water is very potent. So to avoid a perfume-flavored shake, start with only about 4-6 DROPS of rose water; then taste.

dixya @food, pleasure, and health

Tuesday 26th of April 2016

i have yet to try is so hard to find it here :(

Serena Ball

Wednesday 27th of April 2016

Look for frozen rhubarb Dixya! Dole makes it. So I'll bet your local supermarket can get it in; I've had great luck asking. Also I just searched online and saw that Walmart has Dole frozen rhubarb too. (:


Tuesday 26th of April 2016

This looks delicious! I've started seeing rhubarb pop up in the store recently and have been excited to start stocking up. This recipe would be perfect for breakfast or dessert!

Serena Ball

Wednesday 27th of April 2016

Yup! Shakes for you're thinking the way I think! Enjoy rhubarb Kelli.


Wednesday 28th of May 2014

Rhubarb is a fortunate gift to receive from Dad, especially Plenty fresh rhubarb to freeze for what looks like a yummy Shake or my favorite rhubarb cake. Could you please tell me Where I get rose water? I have never used it and if I could sub something else? Thanks for the lovely welcome to summer With dear, older family generations.

Serena Ball

Friday 30th of May 2014

Great question Kristell. You could find rose water in the 'international' section of the supermarket - often with Indian foods or Middle Eastern foods. The rose and rhubarb is a great combo. But you don't need it. You could substitute vanilla - or just leave it out.


Tuesday 27th of May 2014

I wish I would just stumble across rhubarb in my everyday life! Instead, I have to buy it, but I do it with pleasure. This shake is a must try! I've never done rhubarb and rose together, but there is a first time for everything!

How to Philosophize with Cake

Sunday 25th of May 2014

That sounds awesome! I love rhubarb desserts, but this looks like an especially simple and delicious one. Will have to try it this season!

Serena Ball

Sunday 25th of May 2014

Yup, I'm a rhubarb dessert lover too. Thanks for stopping by and let us know when you get a chance to try this shake!

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