Healthy Sour Patch Grapes

3 ways to transform sweet, juicy grapes into super-fun Healthy Sour Patch Grapes – they’re still sweet and sour – and they 100% natural fruit!

Healthy Sour Patch Grapes | @TspCurry

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3 Ways to Make Healthy Sour Patch Grapes

I’m late to the Sour Patch Grapes party; I just learned about these Jello-coated grapes over when a friend made them for Easter and called them Sour Patch Grape Easter Eggs.

How fun!

But I’ll admit, I immediately tried to think of ways to make these sugar-coated fruit healthier. But, of course, they still have all the sweet-sour, puckering fun.

1. Healthy Sour Patch Grapes with Simply Jello

Healthy Sour Patch Grapes | @TspCurry

I’ll admit it, I’m on Team Jello. I know not every dietitian is, but I’m happy to let my kids stir up a bowl of Jello all by themselves – chock-full of lots of fruit whenever they wish (which is probably about once a month.)

Still, I excited when Jello came out with a “real strawberries” version with “no artificial flavors, dyes or preservatives” called Simply Good. (I have no affiliation with Jello or Kraft Foods.) That’s the version I use here in the basic Sour Patch Grapes instructions.

Here are the general instructions for Sour Patch Grapes (see below for the recipe and healthier sweetener options)

    • Wash grapes and roll them in a towel to dry. Place in a dry bowl.
    • Speeze lime juice over grapes.

Healthy Sour Patch Grapes | @TspCurry

    • Place grapes in a zip-top plastic bag. Sprinkle with about 1 tablespoon Simply Good Jello (affiliate link).

Healthy Sour Patch Grapes | @TspCurry

  • Shake.
  • Serve!

2. Healthy Sour Patch Grapes with Maple Sugar

Healthy Sour Patch Grapes | @TspCurry

Granulated maple sugar is one of my naturally sweet sweeteners. Just like pure maple syrup, it contains minerals and antioxidants. And it’s perfect on the Healthy Sour Patch Grapes, instead of Jello.

You can also get maple sugar on Amazon (affiliate link).

The maple sugar sticks better if you use a squirt bottle to spritz on the lime juice. Then shake the grapes and maple sugar in a zip-top bag as above.  HEALTHY SOUR PATCH GRAPES! Sprinkle grapes with sweet + sour freeze-dried fruit powder - via @TspCurry Click To Tweet

3. Healthy Sour Patch Grapes with Freeze-Dried Fruit

Healthy Sour Patch Grapes | @TspCurry

Surprisingly, this real-fruit version works best by far! When turned to powder in the food processor, the freeze-dried fruit sticks even better than the Jello to the grapes. I used Crispy Fruit Mango (affiliate link).

See the recipe below for my kids’ and my favorite version of Healthy Sour Patch Grapes.

Healthy Sour Patch Grapes | @TspCurry


Healthy Sour Patch Grapes

3 ways to transform sugary Jello-coated Sour Patch Grapes into fun – Healthy Sour Patch Grapes – they’re still sweet and sour!

  • Author: Serena Ball
  • Yield: 3-4 servings 1x


  • 3 cups grapes
  • 1 half of a lime
  • 1 (0.36 oz) package freeze-dried mango (or other fruit)


Wash grapes. Place grapes on a clean towel and roll grapes in towel to dry.
Place grapes in a bowl. Squeeze lime half over grapes and mix with your hands to combine. Place half of grapes in a pint-sized zip-top plastic bag.
Place mango in mini-food processor. Process until fruit is a powder.
Sprinkle half of mango powder over grapes in plastic bag. Close bag and shake to combine. Pour grapes into a dry bowl. Repeat with remaining grapes and mango powder.

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Tasty and healthy ways to make the addictively sweet-sour Sour Patch Grapes. 3 WAYS TO MAKE HEALTHY SOUR PATCH GRAPES via @TspCurry - Check out this #Healthy Kitchen Hack and more at


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