Freshwater Fish Tacos with Cilantro Cream

Freshwater Fish Tacos |

I’ve been wanting to make these Fish Tacos with Tomatillo Sauce Sauce since I first saw them in the May “tasty taco” issue of Cooking Light magazine.

But I must admit, even dietitians like me get confused about how to pick the “right” fish for my family’s table. There are good sustainable lists a good pocket guide and even apps. But when faced with very limited time in the supermarket, I’m never sure whether to maneuver my four young kids to the fresh fish counter or the frozen fish case and then try to keep them busy while I read labels. So I’ll admit, our fish consumption often consists simply of the grab-and-go options from the canned food aisle: tuna and sardines. (Yes, my kids like sardines – they can’t tell a difference between them and tuna when I thoroughly mash the sardines!)

Freshwater Fish Tacos |

So the other day, when my kids brought home dinner from a pond on a friend’s land, I knew exactly how we would fix the Blue Gill: Freshwater Fish Tacos. I followed this Cooking Light recipe with these minor alterations:

  • Substituted 12 Blue Gill (they are small!) for tilapia (you could use trout, bass or pretty much any freshwater fish)
  • Cut the mayonnaise in the Cilantro Cream to only 1 tablespoon (that’s all that was left in the bottom of the bottle!)
  • Added roasted corn and red bell pepper for color and nutrition
  • Used green instead of red cabbage
  • And suspecting the sauce would be delicious, I threw an extra tomatillo and a 4th garlic clove into the oven to roast

Freshwater Fish Tacos |

The fish was great – but don’t tell my young fishermen that it was my version of the Cilantro Cream Sauce that stole the show: Sweet from the roasted, caramelized tomatillos and garlic, spicy thanks to the roasted jalapeno, and herb-aliciously earthy from the cilantro. Not sure I’ll ever make tacos again at my house without this sauce!

What do you make with freshwater fish? How do you choose the “right” fish? We’d really like to know!


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