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5 Things to Make with Canned Sweet Potatoes

5 Things to Make with Canned Sweet Potatoes

From 3-ingredient Sweet Potato Dip and a 5-minute soup, think way outside that marshmallow casserole. Canned sweet potatoes deliver on taste and nutrition.


This post has become one of our most popular ever. I’ve updated it with new photos and information.

Disclosure: I was asked to write about some of Aldi’s holiday items; as a long-time Aldi shopper, I was happy to do so. I was compensated for my time. Opinions are my own.

You know that ooey-gooey marshmallow-topped sweet potato casserole made with canned sweet potatoes? Thumbs up, or thumbs down?

When I was a kid, the ubiquitous hot dish not only graced our Thanksgiving table – but many a Sunday ham dinners too. I’m not saying I never eat it (although it does make my teeth a little achy) but… there are 500 more satisfying ways to eat canned sweet potatoes. In fact, after canned beans, they are my favorite canned food.  #AD 5 Easy Things to Make with Canned Sweet Potatoes - From dip to soup. Via @TspCurry Click To Tweet

Here’s why canned sweet potatoes are this dietitian’s favorite:  
A serving of sweet potatoes has:

  • 180% of the recommended amount of vitamin A – which is a vitamin many Americans don’t eat enough
  • 1 gram of fiber – Plus more fiber from toppers like nuts and dried fruit
  • Kid appeal – Naturally sweet and soft enough for your kid who wants to “cut it myself”
  • Ultimate convenience – Just open the can, drain and rinse off the syrup, then serve hot or cold

5 things to make with canned sweet potaoes

Now, here are just 5 yummy things to make with canned sweet potatoes. For all the recipes below, drain and rinse the sweet potatoes first.

Sweet Potato Dip

Sweet Potato Dip: Mash canned sweet potatoes + a couple tablespoons of plain Greek yogurt + a few shakes of cinnamon + nuts. Serve with apples, carrots and graham crackers (photo at top.)

Or try Sweet Potato Hummus Dip: mashed canned sweet potatoes + hummus + smoked paprika. Serve with sweet mini peppers.

Kid’s Lunchbox Surprise


Lunchbox Surprise: Sweet potatoes + dried cranberries + pecans. It counts as a dessert and a veggie. My kids agree!

Sweet Potato Soup with Grilled Cheese Croutons

Sweet Potato Soup

Substitute 2 cans of sweet potatoes for the roasted sweet potatoes in this Sweet Potato Soup with Grilled Cheese Croutons, which shortens the cooking time to this ultimate comfort-food recipe.

African Peanut Stew

African Peanut Stew with Quinoa |

Peanut butter and sweet potatoes are a classic combo. Just swap in a can of sweet potatoes in this African Peanut Stew. They will fall apart during cooking making the stew thick and creamy.

Donation to your local food pantry

This time of year, there are lots of canned food drives; donate nutrient-rich foods like canned sweet potatoes, tuna, canned chicken, canned beans and shelf-stable fresh fruit like oranges or grapefruit.

Now, see how you can ‘Switch & Save’ at Aldi:


Are you a canned sweet potato fan?

From sweet/savory dip to easy soup: 5 THINGS TO MAKE WITH CANNED via SWEET POTATOES - For more easy #healthy recipes - #easyrecipe #easy #recipe

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Sunday 1st of July 2018

Sweet potatoes make a great base for chocolate pudding; I've used fresh mashed sweet potatoes + melted chocolate chips, but since most canned sweet potatoes seem to be sweetened, maybe just adding cocoa powder would work (plus a little cream or cashew butter or something for creaminess).

Serena Ball

Monday 9th of July 2018

Oh my goodness! This sounds delicious. I will try this!

Carla Patterson

Sunday 17th of December 2017

Oo, this is just what I was looking for. Thanks a lot for sharing this great recipe with us - I will make sure to try it out over this weekend - it would be amazing, if I could make it look so delicious as you did though <3

Diane Wilkins

Saturday 9th of December 2017

This soup is simple to make yet delicious. It's just a perfect option during this cold winter. This sweet potatoes soup looks like one that warms your soul too Will try to make one soon.

Serena Ball

Sunday 10th of December 2017

I hope it warms your soul soon Diane! Thanks so much for stopping by!

Jessica @ Nutritioulicious

Wednesday 5th of November 2014

I am a huge fan of sweet potatoes so I absolutely love these ideas! I had never heard of Aldi until FNCE this year - seems like a great store. Can't wait to read about your test-kitchen tour!


Wednesday 5th of November 2014

Fabulous ideas, Serena!

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