About Us

About Us Teaspoonofspice.com

Serena Ball, MS, RD (St. Louis) & Deanna Segrave-Daly, RD (Philadelphia)

We are two dietitians with a big appetite for delicious food. If it makes it onto our blog, it has to be delicious.

With a healthy dose of nutrition.

After a lot of study, nutrition is what we know. We write a bit about antioxidants, fiber, calcium and the like but we prefer to talk nutrition through the enjoyment and celebration of food. And we try to cook healthy most days; but guess what? Some nights, ‘what’s for dinner’ is popcorn or cereal – and that’s OK.

Besides our wonderful readers, who do we cook for?

  • Four veggie-loving kids and one veggie-tolerating husband (Serena)
  • One 8 year old daughter and one husband when food’s not too “tricky” (Deanna)

About Us Teaspoonofspice.com Kids

If we had to pick favorites…

  • Rhubarb, venison, garden-grown tomatoes, doughnuts, artisanal cheese, giardiniera (Serena)
  • Pizza, pancakes, oozy cheeses, peanut butter, seafood, bacon (Deanna)

Along with this blog, we own Teaspoon Communications – a food-focused nutrition communications group