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Healthy Kitchen Hacks #22 – Back to School Lunch Edition

Healthy Kitchen Hacks #22 – Back to School Lunch Edition

#Healthy Kitchen Hacks -Back to School Lunch Edition:
*Dietitian’s Favorite Lunch Boxes* *Clever Way to Pack Apple Slices* *Cool Lunch Cracker Stackers* *How To Slice Watermelon for Packing* *How To Safely Pack Hot Lunches*

Healthy Kitchen Hacks - Back to School Edition: Dietitian's Favorite Lunchboxes, How to Pack Apple Slices, How to Pack Watermelon, Cracker Stackers and How to Keep Hot Lunches Hot In Lunchboxes @tspbasil

Whether you’ve already been into the school lunch routine for a few weeks or are dreading getting ready to get back into the habit next week (like this mom), these hacks aim to help take the drudge out of packing that lunch day after day.

(And if you have any tips/hacks that work for you, PLEASE share in the comments below – we can never get enough help in this department – ha!)

1) Dietitian’s Favorite Lunch Boxes For Kids
via Sally @Real Mom Nutrition

Healthy Kitchen Hacks: A dietitian's favorite lunch box picks to make packing a healthy lunch a bit easier. @tspbasil @rmnutrition

When Sally speaks/posts, I listen/read because she always has down-to-earth advice and tips on feeding kids via her relatable (which means sometimes humorous or frustrating or successful or often all of the above) experiences feeding her two boys. Here’s her top picks on best lunch boxes for little and big kids that make packing a healthy – and one that will get eaten – lunch easier.

2) A Clever Way to Pack Apple Slices
via Katie @Mom’s Kitchen Handbook

Healthy Kitchen Hacks: An easy trick on how to easily pack apple slices in lunch boxes @tspbasil

Some of my favorite hacks are the most basic like this tip from Katie on How to Pack Apple Slices for Lunch using a common household item.

3) Make Cracker Stackers for a Cool School Lunch

Healthy Kitchen Hacks: Solutions for kids lunchboxes- Cracker Stackers @tspbasil

Last week, Serena shared her favorite less mess, super quick, go-to school lunch to pack: Crackers Stackers! She shares tips on choosing a healthy cracker and “stacking” combinations. You and your kids can get creative on what to pack – this is one lunch they won’t say is boring.

4) How To Pack Watermelon For School Lunch Boxes
via Sarah @A Thrifty Mom

Healthy Kitchen Hacks: A fun way to cut and pack watermelon for your kids' lunch box. @tspbasil

This handy hack is a fun way to serve watermelon at picnics and so I figured it was also a convenient and space-saving way to pack watermelon for school lunch. Sarah shows step-by-step photos on how to cut watermelon sticks for little hands.

5) How To Safely Pack Hot Lunches (That Stay Hot!)
via Laura @MOMables

Healthy Kitchen Hacks: The best thermos and food safety tips on keeping hot lunches hot @tspbasil

In the past, I’ve struggled with keeping that mac n’ cheese warm enough (and at a safe temperature) for my daughter’s packed lunch. Laura has a comprehensive post on which thermoses work best to keep packed lunch hot and safe to eat.

Is it a bit sad that I’m down right giddy about how these hacks will help expand the packed lunch possibilities for the upcoming school year in my household? (In my mind at least – we’ll see what dear daughter thinks.)

Would you try any of these hacks? Do you have healthy kitchen or healthy living shortcuts to share? Shoot us an email ([email protected] or [email protected] ) or share below and we’ll try them out.

Sonali- The Foodie Physician

Monday 12th of September 2016

Packing school lunches is now my reality (I still can't believe it!) so I'm all about these hacks! I'll definitely be putting the apple and watermelon tricks to use soon!!

Deanna Segrave-Daly

Monday 12th of September 2016

Welcome to the lunch packing world - thank goodness for Pinterest and creative bloggers :)

GiGi Eats

Thursday 3rd of September 2015

I friggin' LOVE that LUNCH BOX!!!!

Deanna Segrave-Daly

Friday 4th of September 2015

I know - I want a bento box myself stat!


Thursday 3rd of September 2015

I need to try the melon cutting hack for sure, my kids LOVE watermelon! Thanks for sharing! p.s. Your new site design looks great! :)

Deanna Segrave-Daly

Thursday 3rd of September 2015

Thanks Kalee - my daughter is a watermelon lover too :) And thanks for the "p.s." :)


Thursday 3rd of September 2015

Love this list of tricks! I'm always looking for new ideas for my oldest, who is a commuter college student. You're eight, these ideas ate great for adults too. :-)

Deanna Segrave-Daly

Thursday 3rd of September 2015

Thanks much Marie - I think these tips work on students of any age and their parents, too :)

Kelly // The Pretty Bee: Allergy Friendly Eats

Thursday 3rd of September 2015

Oooh! I love the new look! So fresh and happy! These are great tips as always!

Deanna Segrave-Daly

Thursday 3rd of September 2015

Thanks so much Kelly - really appreciate it (and fresh & happy is definitely the vibe we want :) And thanks for the Healthy Kitchen Hacks love too!

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