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Serena Ball, MS, RD

Cantaloupe Watermelon Cupcakes

These quick kid-friendly ‘homemade’ cupcakes are adorable mini-cake shaped watermelon and cantaloupe topped with sweet Greek yogurt frosting.  UPDATE: This Watermelon Cupcakes recipe was first posted in 2014 – when my baby wasn’t even 2 yet! Oh, those crazy days. Now that baby is almost 7. But we still love making these together. Maybe I …

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Slow Cooker Fish Tacos with Sweet Potatoes

Perfectly cooked fish – every time – from the slow cooker. Spicy, savory flavors from red onions, bell peppers, tomatoes and sweet potatoes for the easiest fish tacos ever. I’ll be honest. I was bad at cooking fish. It was usually overcooked, because I was never quite sure when it was done. …until I started …

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