How to Make a Healthier Box Cake

Healthy Box Cake | @TspCurry

Use a healthier cake mix and substitute bananas for some of the oil to make a healthier cake mix cake. Perfect for bake sales or sweet treats for your sweetheart.




Mix all the ingredients in a large bowl with an electric mixer. Pour into your preferred cake pan or muffin cups for cupcakes.

Bake at a temperature 25-degrees F lower than specified on the box recipe.


We liked these healthier cake mixes:

King Arthur Flour Deliciously Simple Chocolate, Pillsbury Moist Supreme Classic Yellow, and Pillsbury Moist Classic White

For Petit Four, pour the cake into a 10×15-inch cake pan. Bake 19-23 minutes. Frost with this frosting recipe, substituting honey for half of the corn syrup.