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Impossibly Good Lemon Bars

Use real ingredients to make this healthy version of the classic Bisquick-based recipe: Impossibly Good Lemon Bars. Kids and adults will love this treat made with a quick DIY-baking mix! As a young-child-baker, I was mystified by that genre of recipes beginning with “Impossible;” like Impossible Pumpkin Pie, Impossibly Easy Cheeseburger Pie, Impossibly Easy Chicken …

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Caramel Pear Grumble Dessert

Celebrate the pear during the fall and holidays with this easy-to-make crumble/crisp like dessert. Ever wonder why the pear seems to take a back seat to holiday dishes? Let’s face it – if you’re talking fruit desserts from fall through the holidays, it’s pretty much pumpkin, apple or cranberry 24/7. But I say, don’t wait until …

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