Healthy Kitchen Hacks #5

#HealthyKitchenHacks: How to Bake Potatoes in 20 minutes, How to Give Healthy Upgrade To Canned Tomato Soup, How to Ripen Bananas in 20 minutes, How to Make Homemade Protein Powder, How to Cut 10 Minutes Off Pasta Cooking Time

Healthy Kitchen Hacks is a weekly series on Teaspoon of Spice. We share fellow bloggers’ and our own favorite cooking shortcuts, kitchen tricks and “aha” ideas for making healthy meals a snap. It’s Wednesday and I can’t wait to share five more Healthy Kitchen Hacks that I tried out this week – and that actually […]

Grilled Root Vegetables with Cilantro Dressing

Grilled Root Vegetables with Cilantro Dressing

Winter veggies done right! Grill thinly sliced root vegetables, like beets, turnips and sweet potatoes and drizzle with a cilantro dressing. ~ by Deanna Segrave-Daly, RD  Do you hoard cookbooks? I have been guilty of this in the past – along with holding onto many, many back issues of Cooking Light, Gourmet, Saveur and Cook’s Illustrated. […]

Chicken & Sage Shepherd’s Pie
 And Why I Want to Call it Chicken Pot Pie

Sweet potato chicken pot pie

This healthy update on the comfort food classic can be thrown together in 20 minutes flat – but you’d never know by the rich flavors and creamy sauce. Chicken Pot Pie. My family has been in heaven eating these mini-casseroles of tender shredded chicken and vegetables in a thick creamy fresh sage sauce topped with […]