How to Make Whole Grain Salads

How to Make Whole Grain Salads

6 simple tricks for making whole grains more delicious – and more palatable for kids – and the husband. It was rare that a whole grain salad would make it onto my meal table. Part of that reason is that whole grains – like wheat berries, unhulled barley and farro can be hard for younger […]

Tropical Breakfast Farro + Whole Grains Breakfast Recipe Roundup

Tropical Breakfast Farro |

Do you get in breakfast ruts? I sure do. Lately, it’s been a Banana Mocha Frappe with some peanut butter toast – all well and good but time for a switch up. Enter farro & the tropics. I’ve been a fan of farro for awhile now but only cooked it as a savory dish until […]

African Peanut Stew with Quinoa – The Recipe ReDux

African Peanut Stew with Quinoa |

Ironically, our recent move from the city to the country has made me surprisingly aware of how food trends predicted for 2013 are already impacting on our lives! (Ironic because, of course, most Americans aren’t moving to the country – but more on that in a minute.) This month’s Recipe ReDux theme was to take […]