How To Make Sun Tea and 5 Iced Tea Recipes

How To Make Sun Tea |

A classic summertime drink: iced tea brewed by the sun and flavored with fresh mint and orange slices. Growing up, my mom often made sun tea but I was ho-hum about iced tea in general back then. But around my senior year in high school, I clearly remember having the most amazing iced tea at […]

Lime Grilled Chicken with Avocado Peach Salsa

How to Grill Chicken on Lemons Limes

An easy trick for grilling chicken – that makes for moist, juicy chicken – and fast clean-up. Even if the grill has always been your husband’s domain, this grill trick is for you. Case in point: Me. Until a few days ago, I’d never turned on the grill! Plus grilled chicken – my husband has […]

Strawberry Rhubarb Waffle Shortcakes {for Healthy Aperture}

Strawberry Rhubarb Waffle Shortcakes |

A twist on strawberry shortcake featuring whole-grain waffles, rhubarb sauce and a mascarpone yogurt topping. It’s time for another delicious yet healthier dessert recipe over at Healthy Aperture’s Sweet Splurges column! Today, I have the perfect treat for Mother’s Day (especially if you have a rhubarb loving mama – which is most definitely me): Strawberry […]