How to Make Whole Grain Salads

How to Make Whole Grain Salads

6 simple tricks for making whole grains more delicious – and more palatable for kids – and the husband. It was rare that a whole grain salad would make it onto my meal table. Part of that reason is that whole grains – like wheat berries, unhulled barley and farro can be hard for younger […]

Tropical Breakfast Farro + Whole Grains Breakfast Recipe Roundup

Tropical Breakfast Farro |

Do you get in breakfast ruts? I sure do. Lately, it’s been a Banana Mocha Frappe with some peanut butter toast – all well and good but time for a switch up. Enter farro & the tropics. I’ve been a fan of farro for awhile now but only cooked it as a savory dish until […]

Chickpea & Vegetable Farro Soup + Tuscany Food Lover’s Giveaway

Chickpea Vegetable Farro Soup |

So, is it strange to be in love with an ancient grain? Maybe not if you’re a dietitian. But, as a food lover, if the grain is delicious, has great texture and is versatile, it’s easy to love. Enter farro. Farro is actually a very old variety of wheat, traced back to ancient Roman times. […]