Hot Cross Bunny Buns

In my head, it was brilliant: Hot Cross Bunny Buns for Easter. I’d combine Cooking Light’s lightened recipe of Hot Cross Buns with these adorable Bunny Rolls that have been taking Pinterest by storm these past few weeks.

bunny rolls

Umm, not so much.

Hot Cross Bunny Buns |

They turned out looking more like disfigured rabbits or crazed Hello Kitties that are crying (thanks to my extra flourish of drizzled icing.)

Maybe I’ll get a few hits if I post to a Pinterest Fail board.

Anyway, despite their appearance, these hot cross buns are indeed delicious. My only adaptation to the recipe (besides the failed bunny formation) was to use dried plum bits (I’m a fan of Sunsweet Plum Amazins) in place of the traditional dried currents and raisins.

Hot Cross Bunny Buns |

So, I’d still recommend baking these buns and giving them your own bunny twist, which can only be an improvement over my attempt.

I think I’ll stick to my traditional Easter Bunny Sweet Bread when it comes to making rabbits out of dough from now on.

Do you bake anything special for Easter?

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  1. haha this def made me smile this morning :) totallly something that would happen to me!

    • I wasn’t going to post but I figured more people could relate to this than not :)

      • Oh yes i can totally relate lol my daughter said oh what cute hamsters lol. I might just make them for Easter and see what happens. If i do make them i will def post pic.

        • Your daughter made my day with the hamster comment! Love it – hee hee. Glad my #fail provided a few chuckles for many, including myself. Definitely post a pic if you make them!

  2. Such a good idea!! I could never even get close to the Pinterest photos, so I’m still impressed! And I bet they were delicious :)


  3. Aww, thanks Sues – while they weren’t exactly pretty, they were pretty yummy :)

  4. HAHA, I agree, that looks like a lot of work! Yours look great….get in my belly! We don’t make anything special on Easter, usually end up buying Hot Cross Buns, but you have inspired me to make my own :)

  5. Jan in Alberta says:

    Yeah. Mine don’t look quite like yours, but neither do they look anything like the Pinterest photo. I still plan to send them to school with my son tomorrow, with some icing powder puff tails. They’re used to my “interesting” special-occasion snack contributions. 😉 I might try them again next year, but with some major changes.

    • I bet your son and his classmates love them regardless! We’ll all give them a go again next year :) My favorite comment still is from Pamela’s daughter who thought they were hamsters.

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