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Baked Eggs with Fennel |

There are certain times in our lives that the kids and I sit around and watch a lot of Julia Child cooking videos. At first, they would ask, “Now who’s that funny lady who cooks with no color?” But then they zoned out and become mesmerized by her voice and her exaggerated actions and forget to ask questions – and forgot that they felt horrible.

And that is my clue for our Julia Child viewing season: Flu season.

The flu bug has held our home in its clutches for several weeks now. And Julia has been our constant companion. Thus today’s Recipe ReDux is inspired by Julia’s famous Eggs Baked in Ramekins Aux Fine Herbes.

Plain soft boiled eggs were always one of the first post-sickness foods my mother fed me as a child. (As a dietitian, I now question the wisdom of nourishing a fragile immune system with a potential salmonella-carrying food – but that was then…) Today I still crave eggs when recuperating from illness; I also find myself feeding my children this perfect-protein-rich food (fully-cooked) as they heal too.

Baked Eggs with Fennel |

As spring is supposed to be upon us, and green things to be popping through the ground, (and flu season long gone) The Recipe ReDux is highlighting fresh green herbs. The freshest and most delicious herbs I’ve been eating lately are from my kids’ favorite veggie: Fennel. I introduced it to them as the “Candy Veggie” due to its licorice flavor. The name has stuck and they like it blanched for about a minute and eaten crunchy. Unable to toss out the flavorful tender fennel fronds, I found they were delicious in this classic dish from Julia – in which the eggs combined with evaporated milk (instead of cream in Julia’s version) turn into custardy goodness with a hint of anise freshness. I also simplified Julia’s recipe to use fewer dishes and fussy steps – still to delicious results.

Baked Eggs with Fennel Fronds – The Recipe ReDux


  • 5 tablespoons evaporated whole milk
  • 2 teaspoons fennel fronds plus more for garnish if desired
  • 2 eggs
  • 1/2 teaspoon of butter


  1. Preheat oven to 375 degrees. Use about 1/8 teaspoon butter to butter the bottom of 2 ramekins.
  2. Heat at least 4 cups of water to boiling. Keep very hot while assembling recipe.
  3. In a small non-stick skillet, combine milk and fennel fronds and heat slowly over medium low until warm.
  4. Set ramekins in a small baking dish and pour in boiling water until water is 3/4-inch deep. Spoon 1 tablespoon warm milk into each ramekin. Crack egg onto milk in ramekin. Pour 1 tablespoon milk onto top of egg. Top each egg with about 1/8 teaspoon butter.
  5. Bake at 350 degrees for 8-10 minutes. Remove pan from oven when eggs are still soft and jiggly and pink as they will continue to cook when outside of oven.
  6. Serve with a grind of fresh pepper, a tiny sprinkle of coarse salt and just a few more fresh fennel fronds.

Baked Eggs with Fennel |

What foods do you crave when recuperating from sickness?

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  1. This looks sooo comforting and tasty (and the pics are gorgeous)! I loved baked eggs. Thanks for sharing this one!!

  2. Hope the eggs lead to a speedy recovery. Love the post and the fact that your kids like fennel. I haven’t had luck w/ that particular veggie yet … but most others go over well. BTW, great photos too!

  3. I love fennel and this looks to be a creative and delicious way to enjoy it! Hope everyone in your house is feeling better soon. Beautiful pics!

  4. Great dish and gorgeous pictures, Serena!

    • Thanks for noticing Denise. I’m FINALLY getting the hang of the lighting and focusing and arrangement… whew!

  5. I love fennel bulb (eat it raw as a snack pretty frequently) but I don’t think I’ve ever done anything with the fronds. Time to change that! Hope everyone feels better soon.

  6. Love this Look absolutely delicious and love the picture!!

    • Thanks for the kind words on the photos…I’m finally getting the hang of the photography…although not every photo is a winner!

  7. I love eating eggs for breakfast. What a wonderful new twist you thought of. Thanks so much. I need to use fennel more.

  8. So fancy! My husband would love this, minus the fennel! LOL! It looks delicious and decadent…not at all what I would think to make when I’m sick. :)

    • Yeah the sick recovery egg is usually just plain with a little salt. Fennel and ‘cream’ when we’re well!

  9. Love this….really. Love Julia Child. A great Frenchy recipe. Julia was the boss, n’est-ce pas?
    I don’t to eat when sick but my kids adore good French ham and cold cucumbers???! I make my family and friends a good chicken soup when they are sick.

  10. I love the story behind this recipe. I had to laugh at your comment about your mom’s secret to healing. I’m so impressed that your children’s fav veggie is fennel! I don’t eat it nearly enough. They put me to shame. Hope you all feel better soon! When I feel sick, I always crave my mom’s seaweed soup or rice cake and dumpling soup. Her’s is the best!

  11. Love this! Mom’s always have secret recipes, which always work. It’s like they have magical powers or something! My mom’s recipe for sickness, hot water, lemon, and a touch of bourbon! haha

  12. So easy and delicious!!! Sorry to hear your entire household has been under the weather, but glad you found a little “herbal sunshine” to brighten things up :-) Thai hot and sour soup usually does the trick for me when I want to recuperate. The spicier the better!!

  13. Looks delicious! SO pretty, I’ll have to try for sure!

    • Thanks Lauren! It’s kinda amazing how fresh ingredients, simply presented can actually be pretty too! Guess we really do eat with our eyes!

  14. Don’t think I’ve ever thought to eggs when I’m sick, but I can totally see why they would work =) These sound delicious and simple!

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