May Foodie Penpal Reveal

May Foodie Penpals

Foodie Penpals was started by Lindsay @ The Lean Green Bean blog last year. You simply get matched with another blogger or blog reader and send a $15 dollar “foodie gift.” Then at the end of the month, you post what you’ve received from whomever is matched to you.

This is the second month I’ve participated and I received a package from Lisa who is from Seattle (Score! One of my very favorite foodie towns in the U.S.) Lisa blogs at Feed You With A Kiss – I swear I want to make every recipe just on her home page. And when it comes to foodie packages, let’s just say she did not disappoint. Here’s what she sent:

  • Terra Breads Small Batch Granola – From Vanccouver – “oven-toasted whole grain clusters with honey and whole cashews. Swoon. Enjoyed for breakfast and in these  Strawberries & Cream Crunch Parfaits
  • Chukar Dried Cherries, a Washington state institution – Cherries are my absolute favorite fruit and Rainiers (the light red/yellow ones) are fantastic. I really like these because they are truly a natural dried fruit, no sugar added. I snacked on most of them and used the rest for this recipe.
  • Pacific Rim Pasta Blend from Pappardelles Pasta which included the following pasta flavors (are you ready?): Buckwheat Garlic, Cayenne Pepper, Cilantro, Curry Chive & Lemon Ginger – so unique. I cooked with garlic scapes and mushrooms from my CSA share – delicious, fresh and just bursting with flavor.  It was such fun to learn about this local pasta maker and I look forward to cruising their website to try more flavors in the future (hello, Chocolate Gemelli!)

May Foodie Penpals Pappardelles Pacific Rim blend pasta

Now while I really loved and thoroughly enjoyed each item, I also got something else very special:

May Foodie Penpals recipes cards

How cool are these? Lisa selected recipes from two local cookbooks, Shiro by Shiro Kashiba and Molly Moon’s Homemade Ice Cream by Molly Moon Neitzel. As you can see, she hand wrote them out with fabulous illustrations! (And how did she know I’m obsessed with olive oil ice cream?) I will treasure these for a long time.

The Lean Green Bean

Want to become a Foodie Penpal? Foodie Penpals is open to both bloggers and readers in the US and Canada. (There’s also a UK branch of Foodie Penpals if you’re a blogger across the pond.) If you’d like to participate next month, click here for more information and instructions on participation. Registration closes at the end of the day on June 4th, so don’t delay!

Do you have a favorite food related item, store or restaurant associated with Seattle?

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  1. I just joined in May! So fun! Love the dried cherries — yum!

  2. the pasta is SUCH a great idea!
    our csa boxes start coming in two weeks!!

  3. Those recipe cards are real treasures! They look like she spent quite a lot of time on them!! I’ve never had olive oil ice cream; I take it that I should go right out and find some?

  4. I love the recipes – including the little pictures!!

  5. you’ve convinced me! i’m signing up!

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