May Foodie Penpal Reveal

May Foodie Penpals Pappardelles Pacific Rim blend pasta

Foodie Penpals was started by Lindsay @ The Lean Green Bean blog last year. You simply get matched with another blogger or blog reader and send a $15 dollar “foodie gift.” Then at the end of the month, you post what you’ve received from whomever is matched to you. This is the second month I’ve participated and […]

Braised Swiss Chard & Dried Cherries over Polenta

Rainbow Swiss Chard

So, I’m a few weeks into my CSA share (Community Supported Agriculture) and last week I scored some young rainbow Swiss Chard from Elm Tree Organics in Lancaster County, as May is its peak season here in the East. Swiss Chard is a dark leafy green, popular in European dishes and no surprise, is super nutritious – […]

Lime Creamsicle Tortilla Crunch Pie

Lime Creamsicle Pie slice close

It’s pretty miraculous when a little girl who’s always been about the same size as her two-years-younger sister starts to grow – fast; and her chronic tummy-aches and headaches go away – suddenly. All she did was stop eating foods containing gluten. That’s what happened to the daughter of my friend. And as a dietitian, I’ve heard […]