Polar Bear Cake

polar bear cake and cupcakes

Polar bear with floating 'ice caps'

It was my daughter’s birthday this week. Her favorite animal in the world is Hudson the polar bear at the Brookfield Zoo. (Hudson also made a recent appearance on our Gingerbread Zoo.) And since polar bears are conveniently seasonal right now, (Can animals be seasonal?) the creating of a polar birthday cake was settled upon.

I tried to draw out a pattern. But I’m no architect; so we just winged it. I knew we needed some smaller round cakes for the head – and my daughter and I could only make enough batter for the equivalent of a 9X13”cake pan. (We didn’t have any more butter or flour due to recent cookie baking!) So I baked up a larger round in the bottom of my Pyrex 8-cup liquid measuring cup. The next morning I put a smaller amount of batter in the Pyrex cup and baked. I made a few regular cupcakes and a few mini-cupcakes.

To assemble the head, I sliced one side of each of the rounds (so they would sit flat) and frosted them together with white buttercream. A cupcake on its side was the snout. And a cupcake along with the trimmed edges from the rounds was one paw. Mini-cupcakes served as floating ice caps. We used black gumdrops for the claws and nose (secured with a toothpick.) The eyes were large chocolate chips, the eyebrows and ears were trimmed large marshmallows. Lastly we pressed on coconut and dusted everything with powdered sugar.

Polar bear cake and cupcakes

She liked the cake - but wanted to blow out candles before photos!

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  1. Ingrid Strenge says:

    Happy Birthday friend. Your cake looks yummy. It looks like good cake.

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