The Egg: 60-seconds to Breakfast

Eggs in 60 seconds
Sixty seconds. Actually sixty seconds times four. Cooking breakfast (from scratch!) took only four minutes this morning! In fact, herding my three kids into the kitchen, getting them to set the table, pouring their glasses of milk, grabbing fruit from the fruit bowl and toast from the toaster actually took longer than cooking a high quality protein source from scratch. That, my friends, is the magic of scrambled eggs in the microwave!

I perfected the cooking of eggs in the microwave when my eldest was just a baby as I was introducing her to solid foods. Microwaved eggs are an excellent consistency for one of baby’s first foods. They are soft enough to eat without teeth, but can be cut into bite-sized pieces that baby can eat by hand.

Plus, eggs are packed with great nutrition for babies and kids, including vitamin D for strong bones and choline for brain development. And yes, according to the USDA MyPlate, an egg a day is okay; so kids (and adults) can eat one every single morning for breakfast. This last point is an important one. On the recent #EggChat Twitter Party I hosted for the Incredible Egg farmers, there were several questions about the healthfulness of eating an egg a day due to egg cholesterol content. New research has shown that the cholesterol content of eggs is lower than previously thought – only 185 mg down from 215 mg of cholesterol.

Now that my kids are older, they often assemble their own egg scrambles. I let each kid crack their egg into a custard cup and then add embellishments. Their creativity ranges from tomatoes and salsa to cheese and corn. (Sometimes they even add so many vegetables, we have to upgrade from a custard cup to a cereal bowl!) However, this morning we did not have the luxury of prep time nor vegetables. But we still had a kid-friendly, nutritious, from-scratch breakfast prepared in four minutes – which is why egg scrambles are a fantastic dinner. Below is my version of simple microwaved eggs. The Incredible Egg folks also have a variety of super- quick microwave coffee cup scrambles. And don’t forget to check out Incredible Egg’s Facebook Incredible Fridge– someone just won an ipad and a year’s supply of eggs!

60 second breakfast

Microwaved Egg Scramblers

Microwaved Egg Scramble

1 egg

Splash of milk (don’t pour, just splash!)

Spray custard cup with cooking spray. Crack egg into custard cup and splash the milk straight from the milk jug into the custard cup. Mix well with a fork. Microwave for 1 minute on 50% power. (Power for individual microwaves will vary.)

Disclaimer:  The Incredible Egg farmers contacted me to write about eggs and since I love eggs, I agreed! They are a paid sponsor of this post; the ideas expressed here are my own.

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