Itchin’ for the Kitchen

I’m counting my blessings of late. My family is feeling very lucky to have come out of Hurricane Irene with no water in the basement, no major tree damage and remarkably, no loss of power (as I type we still have neighbors without electricity.) We were evacuated from the Jersey shore but it was at the tail end of our two week vacation – again, pure luck.

While we were gone, our kitchen remodel began. Now that the weather “excitement” has passed, the reality of no working stove, microwave, sink or counterspace has sunk in.

Kitchen remodel

Granted, this is only day 4 of dealing with it as the really down and dirty stuff happened while we were away. But I am already cereal’ed, PB&J’ed, frozen waffle’d and cold pizza’ed out – and we are still a good two weeks away from completion.

Kitchen remodel

Of course, in the long run (and in lieu of recent events), these are minor inconveniences and I’m very excited for the end outcome.

Kitchen remodel

In the meantime, I think I need to invest in a toaster oven.


Have you ever had a kitchen remodel? What are some food staples, recipes or other kitchen tools you relied on?

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  1. Never been through a remodel (thankfully, as I am a terrible decision maker when it comes to home stuff.) Loving what I’m seeing yours so far!!

  2. It’ll be so worth it in the end! Nicole (WholeHealthRD) just re-did her kitchen and was washing dishes in the bathtub. You can do little tuna melt sandwiches without much of a kitchen! But I can imagine the food is getting a bit boring. Hope you have more counter space coming your way for more KITCHENTOOLS!!!

    • We’re washing dishes downstairs in the laundry room :) I will have lots more cabinet and counterspace for more kitchentools (this could be deadly – he he.)

  3. So excited for you! Now that I think of it, it was 10 years ago when we remodeled our kitchen. (My daughter turns 10 this week, and they were installing our granite counter tops when I went in to labor :-) We did a huge whole house makeover 2 years ago, but still have the kitchen from 10 years ago, cause it turned out great. Can’t remember what staples we had or what we ate, but I was sure happy when it was done. Can’t wait to see photos when everything is finished!

    • Love that your granite instillation was so *memorable* – he he! I’m hoping for a low key instillation tomorrow – fingers crossed :) I’m just itching to try all of last month’s frozen dessert recipe, let alone these cool #ricelove ones :)

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