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Pick Your Own Strawberries - Linvilla Orchards

I realize the strawberry is covered on just about every food blog this time of year but to me it’s all worthy homage to one of summer’s most coveted fruits. Personally, I won’t ever get tired of seeing the gorgeous photos of farmers market containers or the pick-your-own boxes of these sweet beauties all over foodie blog land.

Strawberries at Oakmont Farmers Market Pick Your Own Strawberries - Linvilla Orchards

Last year, I had the romantic notion of picking strawberries with my husband and then 3 year-old daughter at a local fruit and vegetable farm about 10 miles away. Upon arrival, we got our picking box, hopped on a hay filled, flat bed truck and were treated to views of rolling, lush hills on the way to the appointed fields.

After picking about 6 berries, my daughter lost interest and her dad started scanning the horizon for the return ride back to the parking lot.

Strawberry Picking Strawberry Picking

Strawberry Picking

End scene.

This year, we’ve opted instead to get our fill from our weekly treks to the Oakmont Farmers Market but I’m itching to get my family back to the fields next year (or at least the year after that?)

Strawberries at Oakmont Farmers Market Strawberries at Oakmont Farmers Market

Either way, we are enjoying these local gems primarily by just eating out of hand or per the preschooler’s request, via strawberry soup:

Mia’s Strawberry Soup

Serves 1

  • Ask Mom for a small bowl of sliced strawberries
  • Ask Mom for a small cup of milk
  • Pour milk into berries and then ask Mom for a spoon
  • Enjoy!

Making Strawberry Soup Eating Strawberry Soup

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  1. Your daughter is just darling! This is too cute!
    I love going to farmer’s markets! We have a couple in Vegas that I’ve heard are pretty good. I need to go!

  2. @Kristen – would love to hear what local produce you’d find at a Nevada farmers market :)

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