Favorite Rhubarb Cake

Memorial Day dessert with crackly cinnamon sugar topping

Since the redesign of our Web site launches today, we’re still in the spirit of cake around here. So, I’m posting the recipe for my all-time favorite cake.  And when I say “all-time,” I also mean for-a-long-time, as in, since high school. Now maybe it’s a Montana-thing (that’s where I grew up,) but our end-of-the-season […]

A Cake to Celebrate

Fish cupcakes for school

There are many ways to put together a little party. But in my book, if you add a homemade cake, the occasion is always a party! So in honor of the re-launch of our blog, I thought we’d slice a few cakes…and the celebratory party would subsequently follow! Here are a few of the cakes […]

Foraged Morels

Foraged morels

When you think about the ultimate foraged food, what comes to mind? Truffles? And maybe if you don’t own a foraging pig – or live in France; possibly morels? The favorite of our 15 dinner guests the other night brought us a bag of morels foraged in southern Illinois. I’m constantly amazed by the natural […]