The Pixy Stix Fountain of Youth

Chocolate-covered Caramel Corn Yesterday we discovered the Fountain of Youth. It’s in the next town over, in Riverside, it’s…(drum roll, please)…Aunt Diana’s Candy Makers.We know it’s the source of a food that will help you live ‘forever’ because we took the kids to sing ‘Happy 90th Birthday’ to a sweet elderly lady from church yesterday. And […]

Chocolate Zucchini Cake

This last week was the second week of kindergarten for my 5 year-old.  Whew!  We made it!  I think it was crazier than the first week of school.  Thus I’ve been remiss in providing the requested Chocolate Zucchini Cake recipe to a reader.  Let’s hope you still have lots of zucchini hanging around.  I do.  […]

Pear Caramel Surprise

The flavor combo of pear and caramel is glorious. In fact I was just talking to my mom on the phone about it last night. She’s on vacation in Washington and stumbled upon a small little chocolate shop and was offered a sample taste of a rich pear caramel sauce. Upon swooning when she tasted […]